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Among Us App

With 100 M downloads by September this year and over 400 M current players on Steam, the Among Us app has surged up the Charts this year for younger users.  What’s not to like, in a multiplayer party game set in space!

Completing tasks with crew mates to get your space ship off the ground and into space is the name of the game. All whilst being stalked by the murderous crew imposters among you whose job it is to kill you before you figure out who they are.

The graphically simple interface and the fact that it’s FREE ensures it’s popularity on smartphones. In-game chatting focuses on figuring out who the crew imposters are and seeing through their alibis before they kill you. Excitement levels turned up to max!.

Among Us is loads of fun and simple to play (even for us parents – who grew up on the  simplicity of the good old Pac-man and Space Invaders genre!). Every generation appears to love the potential thrill of getting their rocket into space!

Of course, things are different now. The free version collects your data (Google) with the result it’s loaded with ads (though for $2 you can opt out of ads).

In-game chatting as with any app or game carries the very real risk of exposing young users to strangers, older peer language and the potential for grooming.  Among Us has done it’s best to remove swear words but mature usernames are an issue.   

Users also ask other users for their Snapchat names so watch out for that. 

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