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Be Real App What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know

Be Real App

In this video blog, we are taking a look at the Be Real App.  Be Real is a popular photo-sharing app that has been gaining popularity in 2022.

The idea behind the app is to encourage users to post a photo of themselves and their lives without filters or editing every day at a different time.  Every day at a different time, the app alerts users that it’s time to take a photo of what they are doing in the moment.

BeReal App


Users have 2 minutes to take a photo and submit it to BeReal for others to see. Before a user submits a photo, they must choose an audience, they have 2 options

  • Friends
  • Everyone (Discovery)

Users can also share their location and save the image to their devices.

After the user posts the photo, they can add a caption.  If a user accepts a friend request the friend, then will have the ability to comment on images.

You cannot see someone else’s photo if you have not yet posted your own for the day.

Here are a few things for parents & caregivers to keep in mind in particular about this app.

1: Be Real does not have any parental controls & has very basic privacy controls

2: Pictures are unmoderated: meaning that if your teen is scrolling through the Discovery feed, they may come across an item someone posted that features inappropriate content.

3: It’s easy to connect with strangers. As with other social media apps via the discovery tab teens may send or receive connection requests from strangers. If your teen accepts a connection request from a stranger, they are able to comment on their photos

Check out the full video below on how the app works as well as a step-by-step guide.  Need help with an online safety issue or concern?  Book a 1-to-1 session with me, click here 

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