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BeeTalk – The new Kid on the Block?

Hello and Merry New Year people!. I come to you as the bearer of news on the latest new App to hit IOS and Android. Some might say it’s the new kid on the block.. Then again every new Smartphone App coming out has that potential. Or at least has an opportunity for Facebook to offer to buy it for a mere 3 Billion dollars. Small change I hear you say ☺. Aaaah, wishing I could of come up with an idea like that…


Sooo – I hear you say, stop ya foolin around Sucka. What the heck is ‘BeeTalk’ Wayne? Well Parents, Educators, Teenagers and anyone else who cares to listen or read my blog, it’s a new App which is pretty much Snapchat, Viber and What’s App all rolled into One. It’s got an interesting little function called ‘Shake’ – where, as the name suggests, you shake your phone and it suggests new friends! As the App is currently targeted at the Asian market the closest person in my shake (that kinda sounds weird) was 9974Km away.


That being said – this App can’t be dismissed. It has in abundance many of the features we socially connected individual’s love to use.


Another interesting aspect it provides is that each user has their own QR Code, which can be shared on Facebook. Once scanned, that user can then be added as a friend.


The BeeTalk features have similarities to the above including SnapChat. Explain Wayne. Well I’ll try to, as straightforwardly as possible.


You add the person you wish to chat with
Once they accept you as a friend, you can then send them a message
Starting a chat by clicking on the users profile
This opens up a chat
Nothing different about that I hear you say with a sigh of relief.. well here’s the thing..


From here is a clever little option BeeTalk call ‘Whisper Mode’.


Once in ‘Whisper’ mode, you have an option to type your message, then attach a time during which the message can be viewed, just like Snapchat, with an associated time limit. But as well as sending photos and doodles you can also send your location Creepy some of you may think. Not at all sure we’re all sharing our location via these Apps nowadays. But better to know this App has this feature.


(By the by, BeeTalk also allows users to send what it calls ‘Stickers’ between users and download new ones as they become available. Nice little touch).


Now here is my predication on this App. After spending a little time testing it out, I can see the attraction, particularly within the Teenage User market.

As I mentioned, this App is being marketed mostly to the Asian market. However we all know it’s a small world on the Interwebs. It’s highly likely it will be adopted here.


This App has so many features the teenage user would love. Especially the Whisper feature, where messages, photos, doddles, and even location are deleted after a set time.


It only takes this App to be downloaded by one teenager in School for it to spread and, given the features which it currently offers users, I can see this happening very quickly. It’s one to watch and one which parents, teachers and those who work with young people should be aware of and checking if their young people are using it. In the hands of the wrong user this App could potentially cause harm to self or others and should be Handled with Care. Kinda like the car you’ve just insured your 17 year old to drive.


Take care online and talk to you soon.


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