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Bunch App Video Gaming & Chat

Popular new Game Challenge app Bunch launched in the summer of 2017, but due to COVID 19 and social restrictions it’s seen a resurgence. Probably because kids are spending more time online than ever before.

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Facebook Messenger Rooms what you need to know

Facebook Messenger Rooms, a new video group chat feature. This new feature allows for up to 50 people to join a video chat that includes 360-degree augmented reality background filters. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to be able to join a room.

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TikTok to ban direct messages for under-16s

So from 30 April TikTok are revoking Under 16’s ability to send or receive private messages, ie direct message others they follow and who follow them, on their platform.

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Zoom Safely with these simple tips

Our guide helps you keep safe while Zooming. Hackers are using malware which guesses ID’s then entering to disrupt meetings. Make it harder for them to do this with the 7 Tips below:

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Netflix Party Safely

Like to watch Netflix? Ever considering taking part in a Netflix Party? Check out some helpful tips on staying safer when taking part in Netflix Parties

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5 CyberScams to watch out for

According to Action Fraud ‘Coronavirus -related frauds increased by 400% in March’ with losses totaling £970,000. 5 Online Scams to be on the lookout for

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