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Coping with the new changes to Facebook Pages

It seems as marketeers we get used to one set of changes and Facebook goes and does it again. This month sees a whole host of new changes for anyone using Facebook Pages new developments for businesses, brands & marketers alike to get their heads around. I for one was forced to embrace these changes a little earlier than planned when I migrated a page from a personal to a business page the decision was pretty much made for me, embrace the change. Now for the rest of us Facebook have given until the 30th March 2012 to make this transition in which at that time Facebook will automatically change all pages over to the new timeline.

The big change for many businesses, brands & marketeers using the social media platform is that Facebook is getting rid of default landing tab on its pages landing tabs specifically the default landing tab have proved very useful for many businesses, brands, products & indeed services as away to increase likes on their page prompting a call to action via the custom landing tab. All however is not lost and I for one have begun to like many of the new developments which they have started to roll out with this new update. Facebook it seems has taken this step to allow brands a new way to deliver more focused content to their audience which helps convey the overall brand message. Now for Facebook this is all relevant how? Well the latest set of changes now allows Facebook more than ever to fit into the greater marketing communication plan of the Brands & Products who are using it.

So what can we expect with the new changes I’ve picked out 3 of the changes which have made an improvement.
1. Cover Image
This is one of the core changes to the new Facebook Pages. Many of us have already begun to use this feature on our personal pages and guess what its being rolled out on pages too. Brands & Businesses have one big image to showcase what they are all about, lets face it the cover image will be the first thing your visitor see when landing on your page. Below is an example of how Red Bull has embraced the cover image feature.

2. Applications
More new applications have become available but as mentioned earlier the default landing tab has been removed but no need to panic if you have created a custom welcome tab they are still there along with any other applications which you may have added. The new changes allows for up to 12 applications to be shown with up to four appearing on the main area below the cover image. Personally I feel the new position of the Apps will make it easier for users to engage with the content provided giving better exposure to competitions and possible and guess if you had previously created one you can still include your welcome tab – a sigh of relief for many.

3. Milestones
Just as in our life & in our personal Facebook profiles we can now create and set Milestones. If used correctly Milestones have the potential to be of huge benefit to brands as they begin to personalise themselves for their users. Milestones will allow then to create and tell people about events both small and big in the life of the Brand or Business. Another reason they are of benefit milestones allow users to follow a brand journey experience and take a step back and a look at milestones which have been achieved or watch for those yet to happen.

For all page owners once the 30th March arrives the change over will take place automatically which will present a whole host of new opportunities for brands to engage. Facebook has said that the new pages will help businesses, organisations and brands a new opportunity to share their stories and connect with their users. I see this as a new way for Brands & Businesses alike to see these changes as a  unique opportunity to engage followers in a new way and making them become part of the businesses or brands journey, feeling better connected and part of an experience which can only help the business or brand prosper.

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