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Do people have an emotional connection with my brand

Think Apple, Virgin, BMW, Singapore Airlines – when we think of these well know brands we have a number of collective thoughts which spring to mind. These can range from person to person but one thing which remains the same is the emotional attachment which many of us have with the brands which we use in our lives and can be something which is personal to us.   In order for a brand to have a emotional connection with a consumer their must be a certain element of trust. Brands work hard at coming up with innovate and savvy ways to help the consumer build this attachment with their brand it however does not just happpen overnight and can take some time just to get right.  People become emotionally attached with brands for a number of reasons these can include

The brand stands for something which is significant to them

It makes them feel good

The brand is unique and different

The brand interacts with them and is intense and vibrant

These are only a few of the reasons why people are attached to the brands which they use and for a brand to have an emotional connection with the consumer this can only be achieved by positive shared experience with the brand over time. Its worth noting that building an emotional connection with your employees is just as important as building it with the consumer this will ensure that the brand is achieving top performance with everyone who interacts with it. Really great brands know how to engage with their consumers and have through spending time found out how to build an emotional connection and attachment with their customers this will ensure that these brands who really spend the time and put in the hard work are more likely to achieve stronger customer loyalty. One of the key elements is for the brand to be trustworthy – it must show that it can consistently deliver on all of its promises this is followed sharply by always striving to meet and exceed its customers.

At 10thstep we can help your business develop a brand which will help your customers gain an effective connection with your business,will build association and encourage loyalty. Our team of branding experts are passionate about developing really effective brands.

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