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Effective online marketing strategy

Having an effective online marketing strategy will help support your overall business marketing objectives and complement your current or planned marketing. In saying that the term “online marketing” is not a single area but combines search engine marketing, social networking and content to cast a much wider net. But you might just ask what would all this cost and how can we build and implement a cost-effective online marketing strategy, which works. A lot of people still focus heavily on gaining search engine rankings but are not really sure if at all what to do once they get customers to their website and how to build and maintain the all important relationship with their visitors or customers.

If you revert back to the simple principles of marketing and the customer life cycle:


We will touch base with this article on a basic insight to each of the above and how this principles can help you work on developing and building an effective online marketing strategy.

Acquisition: – This is primarily concerned with driving or getting traffic to your website. The amount of traffic which you receive will largely depend on the reach of your website for example how widely is it know or indeed the extend of your reach. As we mentioned briefly earlier many people rely solely on search engines to get traffic to their websites and forget about other online platforms which can assist them in their quest for visitors to see and receive their message. Having productive online marketing strategy which will work for you needs to combine search engine marketing, social media marketing and powerful content to give you the reach needed to.

Conversion: – As with offline forms of marketing its all very well to marketing and advertise your business or service, but turning visitors to your shop or website into customers is an altogether different ball game. For many people when they are shopping for looking to make a purchase it’s all about an experience and just how you go about engaging your customer either via your product or indeed your content.

Retention: – As in any business sector be it online or offline retention of your customers is an essential element in achieving success. The internet today is full off websites offering customers a host of different products and services and to be successful and encourage repeat business to your website you must offer a high standard of service at all times and engage your visitor with a experience of your product or service. In today’s social network environment where customers have access to public forms, blogs and social network sites it is very easy for both positive and negative comments about your business, products or services. In saying this social network platforms also give you as a business an edge in access to even more customers in a much wider target area. It is important to look at the overall customer experience from start to finish even at times putting yourself through the process. By having effective communication process with your customers throughout their experience will help you retain customers and improve their overall experience and in turn generate a much better Return on Investment on your online marketing. One thing to remember as with most things in like there is no quick fix or correct formula for online marketing but seeking help and guidance from experienced professionals will certainly not do any harm but more help develop a more effective strategy and route map forward.


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