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Facebook alternative to Snapchat, got some images to ‘Sling’?

Today the good people at Facebook rolled out their ‘SnapChat’ rival/competitor.  Now to get straight down to business. Unlike SnapChat, where users can send messages back and forth which have a timespan for how long they are available and of course they can’t be saved. Ahem.. Check out my earlier post on Snaphack – the idea behind Slingshot is a little different. At least in how it works.


Now the main difference with ‘SlingShot’ is that it is more of a mass broadcast to a group of friends.  Unlike SnapChat’s aspect where users can be observers, SlingShot requires users to get involved.  Now the clever developers at Facebook have come up with a creative way to encourage a 2 way approach to sharing of images. If you receive a ‘SlingShot’ from a friend you must first unlock it by – you guessed it -offering something in return. Sneaky I hear you say 🙂


As the App is a standalone you don’t actually need a Facebook account to use it. It just needs your phone number in order to sign up and start using it so you can  send pictures to a single person or  group. But it’s not just photos, videos can also be sent and of course these self-destruct after they’ve been viewed. But we all know we need to be careful with Apps who make these claims. Take note SnapChat.


As the App is just launched today  – so quickly after it’s exclusive US launch(wonders did it not catch on?) they have decided to roll it out globally.  This App is no different from others of its kind. The best piece of advice I can give to users wanting to tryin this app out is

‘Always remember to think about the content you are sending to other users’. Would you want it to be intercepted by someone else and to end up on a global bill board?


As with sharing or posting anything online – remember the Digital Ninja’s Mantra  STOP |THINK |POST  Is this Facebook alternative to Snapchat
Posted By Wayne Denner

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