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FIFA 21: What Parents need to know..


With the UEFA Euro Football championships in full swing, many children and young people are eating, sleeping, playing football in the real world.  But many are also enjoying playing football in the virtual world.  If you have soccer-mad children and young people in your home who like to game – chances are they know about, want to get, or, are already playing Fifa21.

As most of us on the planet now know, even non-soccer fans, the Fifa football game is not new. It’s a bit like The Fast and The Furious franchise – it gets updated every year with the latest star players, teams and content to keep players engaged.  The game allows players to customise teams and players abilities to give them that competitive gameplay edge. 

What do Parents need to know about in-game features and age rating?

Fifa 21 has a number of features parents will be keen to be aware of,  especially when it comes to game play. 

  • Chat Feature – Just like on social media apps and platforms, the ability to chat while gaming helps enhance the interaction.  If you have worries about interacting with peers or opportunistic adults, Voice Chat on the game can be disabled. Go into ‘Game settings -> audio -> uncheck voice chat.  There is also a mute audio function which can be used to mute sound while in game mode. 

Thing to keep in mind

With many young children and teenagers playing Fifa 21, remember there are also older teens and adults playing.  The possibility of being exposed to inappropriate language and conversations is high in a high octane gaming environment.  Set in-game limits when it comes to amounts of time which can be played as well as encouraging regular breaks to head outside with a football.

Teaching children to be on the lookout for scammers is a great and very necessary skill for children and young people today.  Developing confidence in their ability to recognise, report and avoid scammers, hackers and bluffers is a key skill in today’s world. And something parents will also benefit from, in terms of well being and financially!

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