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Get Anonymous Feedback about yourself with Sayat

Anonymous Feedback about yourself

What is it?

Similar to Askfrank and is an anonymous website on which you can ‘say almost anything’ and which helps people ‘be more open in their opinions’. Released in 2010, it has recently had a revial in the UK due to its share feature with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How Works

Anonymous Feedback sayat

Questions like ‘What do you think of this picture?’, ‘What would you like to ask me?’ and ‘What do you think is my worst quality?’ are offered by as starter examples. You can also add a picture to your question eg ‘What t-shirt should I wear?’. You can then create a survey to your questions, which even has a multiple choice feature.
What’s to Love? Parents Ask.

What’s to Love? Parents Ask.
• You can publish your views with literally no restrictions.
• You can find out what your friends think of you.
• Despite being an Over 18’s app there is no age verification.
• You can create great avatars
• You can add pictures to your questions

What to Watch For.

Firstly it may possibly be very difficult to pin down the originator of an abusive post as your email address is not required for entry.
Secondly it’s possible that a child or young person may share private information such as mobile numbers after being flattered or receiving attention.
Thirdly there is no encouragement to discuss or debate issues, topics of interest etc. It is solely focussed on giving and receiving personal critique.
As children and young people communicate online daily/hourly, it’s only natural that they will look for approval from their friends and acquaintances online and that their self image is influenced by this space – so unfortunately apps like could become tools for hurtful behaviour such as cyberbullying, online abuse and harassment.
Despite the somewhat naïve aim of the app to encourage ‘sincere and honest’ feedback for ‘your self-development’, it could be a fairly neutral platform. However similar apps of this type have consistently shown that children and young people tend to ask questions online for affirmation – leaving themselves vulnerable to hurtful comments and abuse.

Wrapping Up. is rapidly gaining traction in the UK due to its’ sharing feature with Facebook and Instagram. Based on comments from worried parents there many 12 year olds (and younger) using it and sharing responses with Instagram. One parent noted that ‘almost all her daughters’ friends had a account on their Instagram’. It’s pointing out that within the app there is a Reporting feature for Bullying and Harassment, Violence and Criminal Activity, Hate Speech and Self harm and I Just Don’t Want to See This. Encourage your children to report.  Again as the website is for Over 18’s there may be inappropriate content or contact with adults.


If you are worried about a Child:

  • Young Minds is a Children’s, Charity which focuses on young people’s mental health
  • Papyrus is the national charity for the prevention of young suicide

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