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Gmail Phishing Scam How to Stay Protected

Gmail Phishing Scam

If you are a Gmail or Google Doc’s User Listen Up

*Phishing scams are not new – but what they are becoming now is more sophisticated. The popular email platform Gmail (which now has 1 Billion monthly active users) has sent out a warning on a Gmail Phishing scam connected with Google Docs which is targeting their Gmail users.

Google has been warning users ‘not to click through and to report it as phishing within Gmail’.


The scam appears to target accounts with a malicious message. It starts with an email from a known contact informing you that someone you know has shared a Google Doc with you. You are then invited to click on the link to open, which redirects you to a sign-in page. You’re then prompted to sign in with your own Google account, to authorize the app ‘Google Docs’ to manage your emails.

The ‘Google Docs’ app requests permission to read, send and delete emails. It’s not a Google app but an app controlled by the scammers. Once you have authorised it to manage your email it begins to secretly send out emails to all of your contacts with the same phishing link.

What can I do if I think I’ve clicked on it?

If you think you might have recently received an email similar to what has been outlined above there are a few steps to follow, outlined below:

  • Go to Google’s My Account page and head to the app permissions options
  • Once you login you’ll arrive at a page ‘Apps connected to your account’
  • If you notice the Google Doc App with a relatively recent authorised date click on it to remove.

This should limit any potential damage. If your network is controlled by your organization or company let your IT department know.

Online Scams are on the increase. Scammers are using more and more sophisticated and smart techniques to trick unsuspecting victims.

Google has released an update to let users know that ‘they addressed the issue with a phishing email claiming to be Google Docs’


It’s important to remain vigilant. Check out my previous post and video with 3 simple tips to help avoid online scams.

What is a Phishing Scam

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails with the intention of gaining personal information such as credit card details, bank account numbers or passwords.

Stay Vigilant


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