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Google is working on indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos

Google is working on indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos

According to a recent article on Search Engine Journal ‘Google is working on indexing Instagram & TikTok Videos’ – so essentially videos uploaded on these platforms could be displayed in search results on Google. 

Currently it’s not possible – that is if you search on Google to find Instagram or TikTok videos, you wont find them.

Recently Tiktok announced that it had passed 1 billion monthly active users.

What does this mean for users who upload videos to Instagram and TikTok?

Information is limited at the moment on when this might happen – or if a user can opt out. Both Instagram and TikTok have been working to improve privacy settings on their respective platforms including marking accounts of users under 16 as private by default.  This of course dosen’t stop teenagers adjusting their accounts to Public.

The potentially worrying element of this is that if a user does not have their account set to Private or opted out, they could very well start seeing lip- syncing or dance videos they’ve uploaded to TikTok or Instagram appearing in Google’s search results.

Could this impact a childs’ Online Reputation?

The short answer is yes.

TikTok and Instagram are both very popular platforms with young people  – many of whom don’t have their account set up as private or have used a fake date of birth when signing up. This can be a very real risk, as childrens’ videos could be seen by anyone searching on Google.

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