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Guess what? You can now download your old Bebo Photos #ExcitedbutNervous

Yes indeed, you have read the title of this post correctly. Before Christmas I decided to take a trip back in time – well not exactly back in time but a blast from the past had reappeared. Bebo. Oh yes – the original Social Network has become the Come Back Kid of sorts. How is this so I hear you say? As our bud Austin Powers would say ‘Yeah Baby’ – Retro is back.

My friend Bebo has reappeared in the form of a chat based App – what? So no wall I can draw stuff on?. Not this time around. So what’s the deal with this new Bebo about which you write Wayne? As I mentioned, a standalone chat style App which allows users to create their own cool avatar and have conversations with friends using a mash up of hashtags. Now the big difference compared to hashtags you might use on Twitter for example, is that on Bebo the hashtags actually unlock Special Activities. You heard me.

An example of this can be seen below in the screen show of my avatar when typing the following it’s #raining here #depressing


Hashtags are also used to do other stuff, such as writing #draw opens a canvas where you can draw an image to send to a friend or #tictactoe brings up a game – if you hav’nt tried it out pop over and download Bebo. It’s currently available for IOS and Android.

Now you might be thinking ‘Why on earth would I want to be taking a trip back to the days of Bebo?’. One big plus for trying out the App is that you can access your old Bebo pictures – yes indeed. You might want to screen or get rid of a few embarrassing images you may have uploaded in the good old days of Bebo. The good news is – wait for it -you can now access these. So real quick here’s how you download it.

• Install the Bebo App

• Create an account

• Open the message from teambebo

• Type #oldphotos in any chat and follow the onscreen prompts.

Now, in order to claim your photos you need to enter your old Bebo information – username or email and password. If you can’t recall this information you can use the ‘forgot your password’ to avail of this but you must remember the email address you signed up for with Bebo.

If you can’t remember this then your sh*t outta luck. Bebo has stated ‘Unfortunately, we cannot send photos without this information due to security purposes’. Spoilsports.

So there you have it my friends. If you have your old Bebo login, then like me (of course I have mine) you can access your old Bebo photos. This may be worth looking into just for laughs and sharing #whatwasIthinking? but also, just on the off chance that you might have some dodgy old pics lurking about. Surely not Wayne I hear you say, now what was that password ☺.

Posted By Wayne Denner

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