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Selfie – Yet another New App Parents Need to Know About?

Apologies in advance Parents. It seems there isn’t a week goes by where you don’t have to try to keep up to speed with yet another social media app your kids may start using. Ain’t technology great ☺. Well, my good Parents out there, the latest kid on the block in terms of Apps is […]

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What does SnapHack Mean for Snapchat

  If you are one of many waves of people (8 Million Unique Users as of May 2013, sending 350 million snaps per day) who have already jumped all over Snapchat, well you’re going to want to prick your ears up. If you’ve have been living on some distant planet and have never heard of […]

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Ofcom Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report 2013

I wanted to get a quick blog post out, in relation to the recent report, by Ofcom Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report (2013) and share some of the findings which stood out in this latest research .   For a start, some good news. I hear us parents say, can there be […]

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Long Arm of the Law tightening on Acceptable Use

Social Media, particularly Twitter and Facebook, have for many businesses, organizations and public figures become the all important communications tool. Quick, free and with unimaginable reach.  However again recently, close to home in Northern Ireland, we’ve seen that comments which we post on social media platforms such as Facebook can and do come back to […]

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Don’t have the qualifications or experience? Youth Motivation

  I sent out a Tweet & a Facebook Message this morning and I was overwhelmed by the honest heartfelt responses which I received from some people.  In case you missed my message it was simple and from the heart – “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something just because you […]

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Online Trolling and the effects on Young People

  “Males aged 19 are the teens most likely to be affected by trolling or online bullying”   Now if you are someone over the age of 35 reading this blog, you are forgiven, just this once, for thinking a troll is some sort of mythical, cave-dwelling under the bridge sort of individual. Let me explain..when […]

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