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Lesson from Paris – Manage your online Reputation

  On my drive home tonight from a radio interview where we were discussing how young people can manage their online reputation, it got me thinking that I must write up a blog post on some thoughts and tips.  They might just help prevent some young people from making some very big mistakes when it […]

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Don’t have time to check your Child Online?

  “Online child abusers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their forensic awareness to cover tracks” The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) Environmental Scan 2012 – Online Child Safety   But I hear you say…can my child be exposed to these sorts of abusers?  Well if you leave your child unsupervised they can become a target.  Many […]

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Resilient Children Less Likely to Be CyberBullied

  ‘Across all risks and with all children talking to someone was the most popular coping strategy’ EU Kids Online (2012) on CyberBullying and negative online experiences.   Research has found that building resilience in children and young people is vital in the battle against cyberbullying. Children need to be taught coping strategies early in […]

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Vine. What’s the Big Deal?

The Deal is big. Before you do anything, head on over to the App store and download Vine. You, your business or brand may thank me later.   Now on a serious note, as businesses and marketers seek out new and engaging ways to connect with their audiences, we have seen over the past few […]

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Does CyberBullying just affect kids?

  Some people seem to be under the illusion that CyberBullying is a type of behaviour, which is directed towards children and young people.  It is true that CyberBullying prominently affects children but more and more cases of CyberBullying are extending beyond children and into the workplace, schools, sports clubs, the home and particularly affects […]

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Staying on the right side of the Law on Twitter

  Its nothing new that many of us now are having our conversations via Social Media and in particular on platforms such as Twitter – I for one are am massive Twitter fan the platform has become an important aspect of how I communicate my messages to a world wide listener base in just 140 […]

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