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Safer Technology Tips for 2020 from Wayne Denner

Happy New Year! And what better way to start it off than by becoming more aware of our precious smartphone’s security. With rising cybercrime, we all need to take some simple steps to protect ourselves.

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Is Santa bringing Tech to your house this Christmas?

Are Children in your home getting Tech for Christmas In this short Online Safety video we share helpful information when it comes to Tech for Christmas

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Instagram launches a new messaging app Threads

Instagram launched a new standalone messaging app called ‘Threads’ which is designed to be used only by your closest friends.

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Concern as Deepfake videos double in 9 months

Deepfake videos double in 9 months, earlier this month Facebook send up a fund to detect deepfake videos and how deepfake misuse may impact people.

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Teenage Money Mules Crimes Rise by 73% this year

Warning to Parents & Carers as Teenage Money Mules Crimes rise by 73% according to Cifas, the UK fraud prevention body here is some helpful information to help Prevent Young People from getting involved

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How to help avoid getting your bank account emptied with your children gaming

You have seen the headlines, ‘My Son spent £3,160 in one game’ Our handy guide helps you avoid getting your bank account emptied with your Children Gaming

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