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Momo Challenge Helpful Information

We considered this blog for a week now, not wanting to add to any sensationalism or scaremongering – but we’ve been contacted by so many parents on the issue of Momo it’s warranted now.

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Apex Legends the next big game?

Could the Fortnite reign be coming to an end? Apex Legends received over 25 million downloads in its first week. What do Parents need to know about this new game.

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Schools warning about Tellonym App

Two schools have issued warnings to parents about Tellonym, claiming it allows inappropriate postings, comments and photographs which have caused upset and distress to young people’

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10 Year Photo Challenge… Harmless Fun or Data Collection

Have you taken part in the 10 Year Photo Challenge? Across Social Media platforms users are sharing photos of themselves today and 10 years ago. But how could this data be used in the future and for what purpose? We look at some things to consider

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5 things young people can do to help protect themselves online

With most of us spending even more time each day online – protecting yourself online has become as important as it is offline. Here are 5 things young people can do to protect themselves online

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15 Year Olds Most at Risk on YUBO

A report by DCU (Dublin City University) on the Yubo app, dubbed ‘Tinder for Teens’ has indicated that 15 year olds are the age group most unconcerned about privacy and most likely to share their private details in lieu of gaining followers.

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