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How YouTube Safety Settings Work

YouTube is a very popular platform with Children & Young People. But on YouTube there is also a lot of highly inappropriate content. YouTube safety settings are available but many people are not sure how they work. In this eSafety blog post we take a look at YouTube Safety Settings

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Parent shocked at Childs avatar assaulted on Roblox

Parent Amber Peterson of Raleigh, North Carolina was shocked to notice what she described in a Facebook post as her child’s avatar being assaulted on Roblox online in a game on Roblox.

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New Snapchat location sharing feature

You might last year Snapchat rolled out one of its creepier features to date ‘Snapchat Maps’ Well it seems in the most recent update it’s trying again with a new Snapchat location sharing feature. Is it any different from the Snapchat Maps feature we take a look.

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Don’t Download Fortnite for Android. Scammers Latest Trick

If you’re one of the many thousands of Fortnite fans waiting for Fortnite for Android phones – sit tight. It’s not out yet. Despite many scams or fake claims online the download could potentially compromise your phone

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Twitch A Parent’s Guide

Twitch is a live video game app and website, primarily used to stream live gaming play. Users watch playbacks of games being played by other people. You can also live-stream your own games. Check out our handy video guide for Parents.

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Kik Messenger Parents Guide

Kik Messenger was launched in 2009 and has over 300 million users worldwide. Kik is ranked as a Top Ten app with teens in the United States. Here is a quick Kik Messenger Parents Guide

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