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Self-Destructing Messages in IOS8

  I’m a massive fan of Apple. I’ve got the MacBook, the iPhone and the iPad. For me their device’s have always served me well – their intuitive processes never cease to amaze me. Let’s face it – everything they do within their technological advancements leaves many users in awe. And I’m no different.   […]

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Can the ‘Truth’ Hurt? New App ‘Truth’ has the Potential

  It seems the anonymous messaging craze continues to grow with new Apps being launched every week. Over the past few months I’ve looked at a number of them with the aim of keeping Parents informed on the Whats What of their children’s social media use and young people aware of how to protect their […]

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The way we make first impressions, well it’s

  Yes Sir it’s Online. Many of us are living more and more of our lives online in a digital world.  Now not that there is anything wrong with this I am a massive fan of all things digital, it’s just the content which we are sharing and creating online can have a pretty negative […]

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Twitter getting Photo Happy – Yes you can now be tagged in images

  It seems Twitter is deciding to join the Tagging Party by making some new changes for users to avail of, a little late perhaps?  Tweeters can now tag up to 10 users in an image a function widely used on Facebook. Now what’s also interesting about this new development from Twitter is that Tagging […]

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Talking Angela App – What Parents need to know

‘Talking Angela’, one of the last year’s most popular talking apps for ‘children and adults’ has caused some widespread concern amongst parents when a Facebook hoax connected the app with paedophile rings.  The app developers Outfit 7 have stated the Facebook-fuelled claims ‘ridiculous’   Now as a parent in this ever-changing digital Smartphone app world […]

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Do we really think about or pay attention to our Online Reputation

  Sadly NO! At least we have not begun to take the role of Protecting our Online Reputation seriously. But here’s the thing – once it goes online.. it stays online. It’s not that it’s difficult to remove. It’s near impossible. Therefore, Online Reputation, which yours truly has been banging on about on Twitter and […]

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