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Ok we’ve seen enough, have a date and are ready to book you – what next?

Point your mouse or touch screen right across to Hire Wayne, Talk Tab or simply  Click Here

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How much are you Travel Fees?

Travel Fees are included in the speaking or workshop fee in order to keep the process simpler.  With an all -inclusive fee you pay you pay one flat fee with no hidden extras.

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We’ve a limited budget can you still speak at our school or event?

Absolutely I’m seeking to speak with as many Schools, Colleges & Community events as possible in order to help tackle the growing problem of CyberBullying.  I have options which are designed around your budget, if you want to get creative in your appraoch I’ve created THIS PAGE which will give you some ideas on covering the cost of […]

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So what do you speak about?

I share important advice on CyberBullying & Responsible use of Social Media.  In a ever connected world I beleive its important for Children & Young People to understand how to be able to get the most out of our connected world but at the same time keeping themselves and others safer online.  I also show businesses […]

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What Type of Events Do you Speak at?

Typically I speak at a wide variety of events from Primary School Assemblies, Secondary School Assemblies, College Events, Student Conferences & Business Seminars.  I also am a Speaker on the CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) Digital Marketing Diploma, Integrated Digital Media & Branding & Mobile Marketing Diploma in Belfast.  Find out more information on my […]

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Child-Safe Usage of Smartphones & Tablet Devices

The idea for this blog post came to me on Christmas Day. I was at my local Church’s Christmas Day Children’s Service. On Christmas morning our Priest likes to ask the children in the congregation what Santa had brought them. The kids (and parents!) love this part of the service, which is now a tradition. […]

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