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Building Valued Connections

For me I have always found the successful business is all about creating connections.  And creating the right connections can last a lifetime.  Creating connections pre Internet boom took time, sometimes weeks, months or even years but once created they became a valuable link in the success of a business.    In our current business climate […]

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Social Media in the Workplace

Having received many questions on this topic, from businesses both small and large, Public & Private, I decided it might be time to give social media in the workplace its own blog.  With Social Media & Digital Technologies redefining how we engage with one another and how we communicate the use of digital technologies particularly, […]

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Coping with the new changes to Facebook Pages

It seems as marketeers we get used to one set of changes and Facebook goes and does it again. This month sees a whole host of new changes for anyone using Facebook Pages new developments for businesses, brands & marketers alike to get their heads around. I for one was forced to embrace these changes a […]

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Social Media and the Long Term Relationship

Recently I did a quick audit on the pages which I liked on Facebook over the past number of months and was surprised with some of my findings. Many of the pages which I had in-fact ‘Liked’ I had done, without really much care; liking them just for the sake of liking a page or […]

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To blog or not to blog

As a marketing change agent working in digital communications this is a question which I get frequently asked “Should a business be blogging” .This is then followed up by “but just what benefits will we see as a result”. I always try to answer this question as simply as I possibly can so the person […]

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Are Facebook ‘Likes’ Enough?

As more businesses turn to social media for a way to market their Brands, Products & Services, many page owners get hung up on pushing up the number of likes on their page. But does spending all this time and effort focused on just this have any effect on the businesses bottom line? and by […]

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