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What Type of Events Do you Speak at?

Typically I speak at a wide variety of events from Primary School Assemblies, Secondary School Assemblies, College Events, Student Conferences & Business Seminars.  I also am a Speaker on the CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) Digital Marketing Diploma, Integrated Digital Media & Branding & Mobile Marketing Diploma in Belfast.  Find out more information on my […]

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Child-Safe Usage of Smartphones & Tablet Devices

The idea for this blog post came to me on Christmas Day. I was at my local Church’s Christmas Day Children’s Service. On Christmas morning our Priest likes to ask the children in the congregation what Santa had brought them. The kids (and parents!) love this part of the service, which is now a tradition. […]

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Youth Dojo – Making Good Choices Online

The Internet is a wonderful tool and an integral part of our Young Peoples Lives. Due to the amount of time young people spend online (around 17 hours per week, Ofcom Report on Children and Parents Media Habits 2012) socialising through mobile, gaming, social networking and chat sites it is essential that their time online […]

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As our connected world grows, so too will Cyber Bullying.

It’s not news that young people being affected bullying online is on the increase within our communities.  Let’s take stock: 30,439 children called Childline in 2010/11.  11% of calls were about bullying. Between 8% and 34% of children and young people in the UK have been cyber bullied, and girls are twice as likely to […]

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Why I think Google+ is Awesome & some changes it needs to make..

Every so often I like to push out a Tweet saying how wonderful I think Google+ is and how I feel it’s going to be a game changer in relation to how we interact with social media. Usually and more times than I can remember I get replies from people with statements like “It Sucks” […]

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Have Brands really become Publishers?

This will be a short blog…Yes Just kidding On a more serious note, the delivery of content as we previously have known it has changed. The game has changed. The PR & Marketing Communication Powerhouses no longer control delivery of the message or how the message is created – in a nutshell it’s created a […]

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