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Peach There is an App for That

Peach App
So hands up, who needs another messaging app? Well the creators of Peach a new messaging app think we do. Released for IOS just over the past few days, Peach allows users to send messages and actions – for example, Wave, Cake, Blow a Kiss or Put a Ring On, strange indeed.

The app also has, within its text command, a feature that if you type ‘song’ for example, it will active the microphone to try to identify which song you are listening to. If you type ‘draw’ a blank canvas opens which allows you to create a little doodle and if you type ‘gif’ it will allow you to search for a gif which best describes your mood.

Something also to be aware of is that if you type the word ‘here’ it will share your location within your status update. Something for Parents potentially to be aware of. Also you can type the word ‘safari’ which opens your browser to access the Internet.

Peach also allows you to add your phone number to find your friends on the app. At this stage it appears only to accept US numbers. In terms of privacy and safety – when you install the app and create an account, it acts for you, to create a username and helpfully enters your first and last name. This can be changed at a later date. There is also an option within settings to change who can see your profile ‘Friends of Friends’ which is of course the default or ‘Online Friends’.

Integrating the app with apps such as Uber where you can book a car directly from the app with a ‘Magic word’, could be just what drives Peach past early adoption and into the realms of everyday use longer term. The BBC tech guys think this is genius if integration is developed with other service apps.

Will Peach catch on? Who knows? The creator of the app, Dom Hofmann, is not new to the app space as the previous creator of Vine, (acquired by Twitter) giving Peach instant credibility with the movers and shakers in the tech community – so it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

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Posted By Wayne Denner

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