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Roblox A Guide for Parents

Roblox Parental Controls

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‘ROBLOX’ is a multiplayer online game platform and also a games creation website for budding young developers and gamers.  It’s been around for a while now, (founded in 2005) but has recently become popular with 6-16 yr olds in much the same way as MineCraft was and has grown to over 48 million monthly active users. Not bad!

How Roblox works…

Players create their own virtual world where they and other online players enter a world of blocks – similar to Minecraft.

  1. Just sign up
  2. Choose your avatar (character you choose to play)
  3. You’ll get your own property and a virtual toolbox for building
  4. You can earn currency (Robux) to buy stuff and get new skills, tools and materials.
  5. You can meet, play, chat and collaborate on creative projects with other members.

What’s to love Parents ask.

  • Kids love having the diverse collection of games inside a single platform.
  • Opportunity to move up the hierarchy
  • You can create and explore
  • It’s great fun!

What To Watch For on Roblox

Like any other multiplayer online game there are always going to be risks from strangers, opportunists, peers and older gamers.  In ROBLOX something worth noting is the in-game currency ‘Robux’.
You can earn these slowly . Or there is the option to pay for additional ‘Robux’ with real money. You can sign up for extra content and insert in-game ads into your child’s created games with the potential to make money on the back of their unique ideas ☺. Membership is maintained by direct debit, so check the accounts privacy and security settings, as well as making sure it’s secured with a strong password.
Many of the games also frequently feature weapons – so there can b e some mild realistic violence and mild cartoon or fantasy violence.

Watch this short video on how reporting works and what privacy settings are available on Roblox

Final Heads Up On ROBLOX for Parents

  • Please remember ‘Safe chat’ isn’t really ‘Safe chat’. It’s extremely easy for adults or older teens to register as under 13. So keep an eye on younger children’s conversations when on this. POS ☺.
  • ‘ROBLOX’ does offer a parental login – this also a useful tool to keep an eye on things.
  • Reinforce that ‘ROBLOX’ is a virtual world esp regarding weaponry in gaming.
  • NB: Apple App Store rates ‘ROBLOX’ as ‘12+’ . Google Play rates it as ‘Parental Guidance’.

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Posted By Wayne Denner

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