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Should my Business be engaging in Digital Marketing

In short. Yes.

Of course your business should be utilizing the latest digital marketing techniques, which can be incorporated into your current marketing strategy. Digital Marketing, if used correctly, can be a very powerful & effective tool to create awareness for your product or brand to a global audience. Digital Marketing can be a much more cost effective way to market your business as apposed to traditional forms of media i.e. print, radio etc.

However before you move forward with digital marketing it is vital that you do some research into exactly what return you want to achieve from it, make a plan and stay focused.

Is digital marketing a quick fix to marketing my business, products or services?

No. Many people think they will get an immediate response or return from their digital marketing efforts or see it as the cheap route.

This can be true in relation to certain aspects within digital marketing, for example, google search ads to drive traffic to your business or website. In relation to forms of social media marketing tools, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube require much more time to build relationships and communities online. Many people are put off by this or make an attempt to set up a presence on these sorts of social media sites but give up when the results are not immediate. Social Media marketing is much more of a slow burner in terms of marketing and short term results. However, the reality is that if you want to develop a good base of customers, customers who keep coming back and customers that our going to refer your business product or service onto other people, this social marketing tool is hard to beat.

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