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SimSimi back in Ireland

What does the new Update mean?

You might recall that the SimSimi App was restricted and/or unavailable in both the North and South of Ireland for the last few weeks.  However, a new release of the App has just become available again.

So SimSimi is back.  Fresh from the via App store with an updated T&C which users must accept in order to use the App. Now if you have no idea what SimSimi is, check out my previous blog here

The Terms and Conditions which a user accepts covers content regulations as well as rights and responsibilities when using the App.  They can be accessed here

Within the recent updates to the SimSimi App they have also included a new feature called the Name Protect Tool (BETA) which apparently does the following:

  • Blocks cyberbullying and harassment in advance
  • Bullying through SimSimi takes place in a way of teaching an unpleasant or insulting response targeting a specific individual’s name
  • If you enter your name in the input field below, no one will be eligible to teach SimSimi a response to your name.

**Above is direct quote from the Name Protect Tool. Clarification on this feature is a little lost in translation, as are the messages.

In testing out the new ‘Name Protect Tool’ it appears that if you enter a name, for example ‘Joe Blogs’ and add it to the name protect tool,  you’ll get the message ‘It is now prohibited to teach about Joe Blogs’ but as the image shows below, if I ask SimSimi about Joe_Blogs or Joe Blogs_ you will get a response.   If SimSimi can answer it will and if not you can learn the App this word or phrase.

SimSimi Name Protect Tool

From what we have seen when testing Simsimi we didn’t find much in terms of cheerful messages.  Majority of messages are still insulting, hurtful, inappropriate and potentially hurtful. The new update and name blocking tool responses appear to have made no difference here.

It’s worth pointing out that you only can add 3 names or variations to the Name Protect Tool.

Schools have been warning parents about cyberbullying and inappropriate messages linked to use of the app. This resulted in the app being restricted in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Again as in our previous blog on SimSimi, it’s important for users to remember that sharing negative comments about someone can be harmful and distressing so please take the time to think carefully before you post anything on these types of apps.

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Posted By Wayne Denner

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