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Snapchat images no longer have to disappear after 10 seconds

Snapchat Images No Time Limit

Any Snapchatter knows that when you create an image based Snap on Snapchat you could previously set a time limit on how long the receiver could view the Snap. Typically between 1-10 seconds. After this time the snap (apparently/arguably) vanishes.   Well in the latest update to the hugely popular ephemeral app – it now allows you to view a Snap for ‘as long as you’d like’. Yup. Infinity, should you wish.

So how does it work?

Pretty straight forward. As normal the user takes a Snap. The screen will then offer the new option – a ‘Timer’. Once tapped the Snapper can then choose how long they wish the image to be viewed for.

With the new option ‘no limit’ is now available.

What does this mean for the receiver of the Snap?

In a nutshell – if the sender has chosen ‘no limit’ then the Snap will be available for viewing until the receiver closes the Snap. At that point, as before the Snap will vanish.

Anything else new?

Good question. Snapchat have been busy, trying to come up with new features to fend off rival platforms who are also firing out new features.

Significantly, within this update to the app, a ‘looping video’ feature is also included. Allowing videos to be repeated on a loop until a story is moved on or closed. The receiver is then offered a ‘play forever’ feature.

Snapchat have also rolled out a draw with ‘emoji’ tool which enables users to draw a line of emojis onto their Snaps.

What’s worth remembering when it comes to Snapchat Images?

When it comes to Snapchat or any other ephemeral app, pausing to consider the content of the images and videos you are creating and offering to someone else is now crucially important. It’s wise to never share anything on the app that you won’t want to see pop up again. This happens. Frequently. Relationships do change and sometimes friends don’t treat Snaps with the confidentiality they should.

Remember there are a number of ways ‘disappearing messages’ can be saved, screen captured or just fall into the wrong hands so protect yourself always.

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Posted By Wayne Denner

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