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Snapchat Parental Controls Update

Hello there, parents and caregivers, Happy New Year! I wanted to update you on Snapchat Parental Controls.  Now this this app frequently crops up in conversations, especially if you’re a parent of a teen or pre-teen. Trust me, being aware of the parental controls is crucial.

Snapchat is upgrading its in-app parental tools, so in this short and simple blog post, I wanted to provide you with a quick overview of what you can expect.

Snapchat Parental Controls

Image Credit: Snapchat

Let’s delve into the new features that Snapchat is introducing, offering you a clearer insight into your teen’s Snapchat settings:

  • Story Settings Insight: Your teen loves sharing their story, be it with their entire friend list or just a close-knit circle. Snapchat’s new tools allow you to see precisely who’s in the audience of your teen’s narrative. Whether they’re broadcasting their day to every friend on their list or sharing intimate moments with a select few, you’ll have visibility into their choices, ensuring their stories are seen by the right eyes.


  • Contact Settings Clarity: Communication is key, but so is privacy. With Snapchat’s updated features, you can now understand how your teen manages their contact settings. Are they open to messages from every added friend or just their phone contacts? This peek into their preferences ensures that their chat list is well-curated and comfortable for them.


  • Snap Map Awareness: The world of Snapchat is vast, and the Snap Map brings it all together, showing what friends are up to and uncovering global stories. But who’s monitoring your teen’s location pin? With the new tools, you’ll know if your teen is sharing their whereabouts on the Snap Map, and more importantly, with whom. Rest assured, it’s their choice to share, and it’s your peace of mind to know.


  • Enable or Disable Replies from My AI Chatbot: Another option that parents can avail themselves of via the parental control tools is the ability to enable or disable replies from the My AI chatbot. You might recall in a previous blog, we had some concerns about this feature, so thankfully, parents can now disable replies from this feature on their teen’s account.
Snapchat Parental Controls

Image Credit: Snapchat

These updates to the parental controls on Snapchat help ensure your teen’s digital journey is both safe and respectful of their privacy. Now, you can have a better view of your teen’s social sphere on Snapchat, from their Story and contact settings to their location-sharing preferences.

This transparency puts you in a better position to guide and support your teen, offering them the freedom to explore while ensuring they remain within a safe and secure digital environment.

Remember, as you navigate this ever-evolving digital landscape, staying informed and proactive is key to empowering your family’s online experience.

Stay tuned for more digital safety updates, and remember, keeping a savvy eye on the digital horizon is what makes you super parents. Stay cool and connected!

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