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Recruiters are Using Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to Check You Out..

Online Reputation Really Does Matter for today’s jobseeker. But don’t take it from me, here’s what Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey found:
• 93% of hiring managers review their candidates social networking profile
• Recruiters rate referrals as the highest scoring and fastest way to screen candidates.
• Recruiters use Linkedin at application stage and Facebook and Twitter at interview stage.
• 83% of Recruiters are turned off by posts on drug use, 70% by ‘sexual posts’ and 44% by alcohol related posts.
Once again this reinforces the message that ‘ONLINE REPUTATION MATTERS’.
Every week a new social media network or app pops up.
In the last few weeks we’ve seen Ello – Facebook’s so called rival, gaining traction, with many users trying to get an invite to check out the latest fandangled platform to hit the world wide web. But the hype of many of these new platforms is short lived – with many of us defaulting back to the Old Faithful’s who have been around for years now (Sorry Bebo Fans, not you ☺). Either way, it’s the Big 3 recruitment managers go to for background -Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. So keep these clean and full of positive content.
Now I’ve mentioned before (yes many times Wayne ☺) the importance of checking out your Online Reputation and how you sit within the major search engines, regularly. Social search is starting to become a very useful way for us to find out information about products, brands, services and each other. Yes indeed, Jobvites’ latest social recruiting poll evidences that hiring managers are looking beyond the information you give them on your CV and in interview.
93% of hiring managers will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision. Just in case you did’nt get it the first time 93%!!!
So what does this mean I hear you ask? Well, in a nutshell, if you are applying for a job or uni, you need to start paying attention to the content you’re creating online on the main social networking platforms – at least on the Big 3. It’s also worth pointing out that paying attention to the content others create about you is also becoming increasing important – images you are tagging in for example (think Nights Out).
So what can you do?
Become more aware of the impact which social search can have on your Online Reputation. And don’t just stop at searching your name on Google – search your name on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Vine – see what content is being displayed and be aware of it’s impact.
According to Jobvite 79% of respondents say they have hired through LinkedIn, 26% through Facebook and 14% through Twitter. Others in the future may start to play an important role.
Think. Like your next employer when you post online. How is your profile going to look to them?.
Keep an eye out for my book ‘The Students Guide to an Epic Online Reputation..and parents too’ launching 20 November. It’s full of ideas to keep today’s jobseeker ahead of the game.
Posted By Wayne Denner

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