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The way we make first impressions, well it’s


Yes Sir it’s Online. Many of us are living more and more of our lives online in a digital world.  Now not that there is anything wrong with this I am a massive fan of all things digital, it’s just the content which we are sharing and creating online can have a pretty negative impression on who we really are in the ‘real world’ But who are we? has the Internet and Social Media made us different?  Well it some cases it has, many of us are over sharing every aspect of our lives online, all of which is contributing towards our ever-expanding digital footprint.  This is the information, which future employers will come across when we have applied for a job research has shown that 90% of recruiters check applications out online.  But it’s not just applying for a job that you have to worry about what about if your thinking about becoming a Doctor or Lawyer well your going to have to go to University to get your third level qualification? Enter University recruiters research from Kaplan Test Prep’s 2012 in the States has shown that 87% of college recruiters admit to checking out applicants out online.


Scary?  Yes but you can turn this around.  The Internet & Social Media are very valuable, exciting and wonderful tools, all of which has changed the way we communicate with each other, source and share information.  But we need to remember they can also be used for negative purposes, by people who seem to have little to no care for the Online Reputation of themselves or that of others. Other people creating content, which you maybe featured in, can just be as negative as you creating it yourself  – you might not even have any idea that this content is out in cyberspace about you.


Carrying out a regular monthly online or digital audit on your online profiles is essential you need to be aware of what is out on the Interwebs about you before someone else, a potential employer or University recruiter points it out to you (think of the red faces). An audit will help you identify any rouge content which you or others may have created so firstly at least your aware of it and you know its there and secondly gives you an opportunity to start thinking how you can get this content removed or buried deeper in Cyberspace so at least it’s not showing on the first couple of pages of your chosen search engine results.  In my book I’m going to be showing you how to protect your Online Reputation and manage your Digital Footprint – this book is an essential read for all Students, Graduates and Adults.


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Always remember STOP |THINK |POST Online Reputation Management

Posted By Wayne Denner


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