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The wider implications of Online Reputation


The sending of an image, posting of a tweet or that private message for many social media users, seems to happen with little to no thought to the impact it might have to personal reputation. As I’ve said in many of my talks to young people in schools
‘If you don’t want your message being seen on a global bill board, don’t post it online’
This week sees yet another case of how a public office career – which took years to build, was ruined by a few messages sent via WhatsApp.
Now I’m not going to get into the rights and wrongs of this type of behaviour. That’s already being documented in at least 5 pages of search results in Google thanks to the national media – and the implications will have long term and devastating consequences for the MP, his party and most importantly his wife and five children.
In this case the impact will be severe for all those closely associated to the minister. The results in search engines and posts on social media platforms will be around for a very long time – and it will be difficult to near impossible to remove the traces of this mistake.
With a new wave of Anonymous based Apps being rolled out pretty much on a daily basis and promises of chats being ‘anonymous’, it’s my opinion that nothing sent online or via an App really is. (Remember Snapchat and SnapHack? If not see my blog Click Here.
There may always be a trace and the potential of it coming back to haunt you.
As users of today’s wonderful technology, we can’t point the finger of blame at the platform when a mistake is made. Thinking before Posting of the impact something can have on our Reputation is critical. What goes Online Stays Online. We and only we are responsible for taking control of our Online Reputation and Digital Tattoo.
So, thinking about the consequences of what can happen when content of a personal nature is shared freely via social media has never been so important.
Because Digital Dirt, as we’ve seen, particularly in recent high profile cases, really does stick.

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