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Vine Kids now available


According to Vine they’ve heard from ‘parents, siblings and others – that kids love Vine’.

Now as a Parent reading this post you might be thinking ‘What the heck is Vine’. Well let me bring you up to speed.

Vine is a smartphone video sharing application, which is part of the Twitter family. In a nutshell Vine lets users record and edit videos which loop (repeat). These videos are up to 6 seconds long. Once you have created your Vine, you post it to your Vine stream as well as having the option to share it on Twitter or Facebook. Users can follow each other and ‘revine’ video clips which they like so that they show up in the feeds of users you follow. Swiping left within the App plays another looping kids vine. All clear?

So the new Vine App for Kids – what’s it all about?

Well one of the key difference in the new Vine Kids app is that the content is appropriate for children. Once launched the App serves up a mixture of content which most adults would find a little annoying but which kids would love. I came across one of Elmo, a pug dog saying “I love you” and interestingly enough, a hedgehog playing the piano – kids will love watching their favourites a few million times. Will make a change from Frozen then ☺.

According to the good folks from Vine ‘One of my colleagues was talking about how much his two-year-old daughter loves Vine –– he said he wished there was a separate app she could use to more easily watch posts that are appropriate for kids”.

Let’s hope there are no ‘human error’ problems on Vine Kids like they experienced when Vine just launched back in 2013. Aside from that, their internal screening process ensures that all videos (annoying or not) are age appropriate and therefore safe for your age 5+ Vine Kids to view. Enjoy!

Posted By Wayne Denner

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