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What you need to know about the latest Twitter Hack.

Twitter Hack

We’re big fans of Twitter. In fact we’ve been using Twitter for nearly a decade now and feel it’s a great way to keep up to date with current tips and tricks for online security and latest news locally, nationally and globally. 

Throughout those years we’ve seen Twitter go through difficult times in relation to hackers. Trying to maintain security for users is of utmost importance and remains a challenge for Twitter and many other platforms.  

Due to the increase in numbers of data breaches taking place in today’s society, online users are becoming more aware than ever of their account security. You might recall last year, hackers carried out a ‘SIM Swap’ on Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) where they swapped his number to another SIM allowing them to reset all his passwords through two – factor authentication.  This week (15th July) Twitter found itself once again dealing with another security breach. 

The Twitter hack had sent tweets from high profile accounts stating that if followers transferred cryptocurrency to a particular bitcoin wallet, they would receive double the amount they transferred in return. Twitter reported that it was a ‘coordinated social engineering attack’ on their employees that sought to trick employees into giving up their authorisation credentials which would then provide the hackers with a way into their internal systems.  

So what did Jack Dorsey say about the Twitter Hack

Twitter Hack
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@JackDorsey (CEO) and @TwitterSupport both posted statements on Twitter last night on the breach saying what happened yesterday was ‘terrible’ and that it was a ‘tough day for us at Twitter’ and they’re trying their best to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.  

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There were some big names amongst the accounts hacked – Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kayne West and Mike Bloomberg were sent a thread of tweets to trap users into a Bitcoin Scam.  Twitter immediately tried to delete the tweets and messages but once taken down hackers immediately reposted them.  Twitter struggled to control the situation, in the end having to remove the affected accounts from using their social network to ‘limit the access to internal systems and tools’ until they gathered further information. 

According to an article by Deadline, a tech insider stated that ‘This was about testing Twitter’s security and protocols, more like a Phase 1 than a hit and run’?  

So Twitter seem to be on the alert for further hacks. Nature of the beast and so they should be.

Have Twitter overlooked an internal security issue? 

Is this something that we as everyday users should be anxious about? 

What can we do to protect our own Twitter from being hacked? 

What can we do to make our Twitter accounts more secure? 

Twitter Hack – How to protect your account

  • Due to this recent Twitter hack, users are understandably concerned and want to ensure they do all they can to secure they’re not affected by the recent scam. 
  • Below is a simple step by step guide on how you can protect your own twitter account. 
  • Apps can appear on your Twitter as you register for third party apps with your Twitter credentials, which then gives that app access to your Twitter account. 
  • If you no longer use an app that you used your Twitter credentials to register on we would advise you to delete the app from your smartphone and Twitter account. 
  • If you just deleted the app off your phone and you’ve not revoked the access, the app can still access your Twitter account. 
Twitter Hack
Twitter Hack
Twitter Hack

For peace of mind turn on ‘Two – Factor Authentication.’ The guide below shows how to activate it. 

Twitter Hack
Twitter Hack

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