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Young People in Denmark charged with distributing sexually explicit material

More than 1000 teenagers in Denmark have been charged with spreading child abuse images after sharing videos and an image on Facebook messaging service of two 15 year olds having sex.

According to Europol, the case involves 800 boys and 200 girls.

Police say they face a fine or suspended sentence after two videos and an explicit image was shared amongst them on Facebook messager from 2015 to 2017. Facebook informed the US authorities who contacted Europol.

Whilst under Danish law the age of consent is 15 and the sex was consensual, the teenagers and youths, aged 15-20 years who shared the material, have broken the law which states that sharing sexual images of anyone under 18 constitutes sharing child abuse imagery.

Being charged will result in a criminal record which can last a decade and being placed on the sex offenders register.  Those charged may not be able to work with children or young people for 10 years and may also have issues with employment and travelling to other countries. The maximum sentence is 6 years.

Denmark Police have not been put off by the vast numbers sharing this material and are beginning the enormous task of questioning and charging the young people.

‘We take this case very seriously as it has serious consequences for those involved when this kind of material is spread,’ Police Investigator Lau Thygesen said.

Whilst criminalising young people is not the answer education around legal implications and consequences is vital.

This case is a stark warning to young people of the real world consequences of sharing sexually explicit material online.


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