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Youth Dojo – Making Good Choices Online

The Internet is a wonderful tool and an integral part of our Young Peoples Lives. Due to the amount of time young people spend online (around 17 hours per week, Ofcom Report on Children and Parents Media Habits 2012) socialising through mobile, gaming, social networking and chat sites it is essential that their time online is spent positively. Negative online use can lead to excessive time wastage, distraction, or even inadvertent or conscious cyberbullying and bystander behaviour which in turn can result in depression, de-motivation, apathy and inactivity. However, the Internet is here to stay and young people will increasingly socialise online. Using the internet positively for social interaction, networking, and learning can maximise educational, employability and lifestyle opportunities and minimise the negative aspects and risks associated with ever increasing and prolonged online use.


Motivation for life goals depends on the ability of an individual to believe in what he or she can do and what they can achieve. Confidence building is a crucial aspect of maximising the potential of a young person in an organisation, school or workplace to achieve their goals.


For many of us having this true ability to believe in ourselves does not come easy. Within the current economic climate, young people are struggling to find employment, surrounded by constant doubt regarding their chances of employability, resulting in talented young people becoming de-motivated. The Youth Dojo Workshops focus on fuelling motivation through practically challenged situations – by identifying key personal motivations and focussing on key areas of an individuals potential this will help ignite the confidence to encourage learning for achievement. The Programs will present young people with a step-by-step guide to effectively and constructively boost self esteem and realise goals.


The goal within Youth Dojo Workshops together with Beat the CyberBully is to build self belief, motivate young people to communicate positively both online and off and become employable and entrepreneurial.

The Programs aim to develop skills which are significant in improving success in life, increase life-long motivation for learning and contribute to better performance within education:


Youth Dojo Program Highlights:

• Identifying other sources of strength to boost morale.
• Communication and networking for success – the social networking way.
• Maximising your lifestyle and employment opportunities by using the Internet.


Throughout the sessions there will be a core focus on raising aspirations, confidence and self-esteem, increasing motivation to learn and widening social, educational and employment opportunities within the young persons further education experience, building positive relationships with adults, peers and mentors to help improve life choices.

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