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Yubo updates safety features

Yubo Safety Features

So since we last spoke, Yubo have been in touch to let us know they’ve updated their safety features. Which is good news for parents and guardians out there.  Even better to know that Yubo who now have over 15 M sign ups are listening to concerns and want meaningful dialogue on helping keep young people safer when using their app.

We’ve just had another look and here’s what you can expect

Group Video Chat and Instant Message


Yubo allows users the ability to set up group video chats with other users on the app as well as to invite them to a group chat you’ve set up on Yubo. Users can also Instant Message (IM) each other one to one or in group chats. Users also have the option to ‘Go Live’ during the chat and start a live video stream.
– Group chats are not available anymore on Yubo
– Live streams in private chats or groups chats are no longer available
– A user can only talk or communicate with people who accepted the friend request.

Adding your Instagram to your Yubo profile

Another feature within Yubo is the ability to connect to your Instagram profile or tag it to your profile on Yubo. Once you’re connected to your Instagram account those who stop by your profile have the option of viewing that users 6 most recent Instagram pictures as well as identifying that users Instagram username.
– Users cannot connect their Snapchat or Instagram accounts any longer – this is really important as Yubo really wants to provide a complete social network experience.

Yubo Safety Features

Connecting to Snapchat

Users will then be asked if they would like to connect their Snapchat account to Yubo. This can be skipped. Finally, users can upload a profile picture ‘Take a selfie’ to use on their profile.

It is no longer possible to connect to Snapchat through Yubo.

Reporting Option

Although Yubo does offer reporting options, they seem to be limited. Within user settings the app is lacking features such as privacy tools as well as seeing and managing blocked users, turning on or off location elements and login verification.

– Users can block other users and manage their settings the list of ‘blocked users’.
– Users can hide their city location

Sidenote: Another new feature just added ie ‘Community Rules’ was impressive. Really short, simple and to the point, ground rules on just behaving kindly, courtesley and responsibly on the app.

Age Verification

Yubo did point out to us that they, importantly do separate 13-17 years and Over 18’s. However as with any of these apps and Yubo is no exception, there is no age verification. Just input your details and begin swiping. Under 18’s can create accounts in the Over 18’s and even more worryingly adults can create Under 18 accounts. So it’s essential that parents and carers still keep an eye on younger users.

We had also made the point that ‘Yubo is directly marketed to children and its purpose is to connect for relationships or friendship’. Yubo say they market widely to all audiences. This may be so. The point is that an app of this very nature will appeal to younger children and teens. Therefore we’re happy to see the great work on changes and improvements to Yubo’s safety features and look forward to continuing dialogue that helps young people protect themselves in their everyday conversations.


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Posted By Wayne Denner

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