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Boo Video Chat Camera with Stickers and Filters


As we all know, the two main smartphone app cool kids ie Snapchat and Instagram have some form of video-chat feature available for users. To get users attention today you need this feature.

Another such app, ‘BOO’ is gaining traction recently with teens. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Boo?

‘Boo’ allows users to video-chat and to share photos and videos with friends/users on Snapchat, Instagram and

Similar to Snapchat, and now Instagram, Boo offers filters, stickers, gifs and doodles.

How does Boo work?

In a nutshell, Boo, available on both iOS and Android, is a video-chat app. You can create an account in the usual way, by signing up with your phone number or an email address. The App does encourage you to allow access to your phone contacts. This allows you to send what you’ve created to friends and invite them to the app.

Boo lets you record videos and take images to share with other Boo users. You have the option of choosing ‘GIF’ mode in which a video can be created and caption added. This can be saved to the ‘camera roll’ and shared on Twitter or Facebook.

Similar to a ‘Snapcode’ you can also get your own ‘Boocard’ to share on other social media platforms letting their friends know you are on Boo and where you find you. User profiles are set as ‘private’ by default. Although if you are sharing your Boocard publically your privacy will become moot.

Parents may also want to be aware of ‘in app’ purchases which allow users to purchase paid stickers and lens starting from 99p.


Recent research encourages parents to join each app your child is on. You don’t need to participate in the conversations but you can keep an eye out especially for younger children. Initially, they may not be happy but children and teens will also be more likely to chat with you about the app if you’ve a basic idea of how it works. They may also consider about what they send just a little longer.

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Posted By Wayne Denner

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