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Don’t get caught by The Tinder Swindler

Would you know how to avoid getting scammed by The Tinder Swindler or some other Online Swindler? Here’s what to avoid

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Sextortion Passwords Scam

Scammers & Fraudsters send victims their own passwords in sextortion scam.

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5 CyberScams to watch out for

According to Action Fraud ‘Coronavirus -related frauds increased by 400% in March’ with losses totaling £970,000. 5 Online Scams to be on the lookout for

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Helping you avoid scams this Christmas

Financial fraud is becoming more prevalent so protecting your money whilst shopping particularly in the run up to Christmas is really important. I’ve teamed up with Ulster Bank over the next few weeks to contribute to the ‘TAKE FIVE TO STOP FRAUD’ national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and the UK Government.

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Children ‘targeted’ by WhatsApp scammers with ‘Olivia’ Porn messages

Parents quick heads up WhatsApp Scammers are at it again. Take a few minutes to watch this read this blog on a WhatsApp Scam Hoax targeting Children with Porn Messages. Police in the UK have warned.

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Don’t Download Fortnite for Android. Scammers Latest Trick

If you’re one of the many thousands of Fortnite fans waiting for Fortnite for Android phones – sit tight. It’s not out yet. Despite many scams or fake claims online the download could potentially compromise your phone

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