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Snapchat Parental Controls Update

Snapchat is upgrading its in-app parental tools. This blog post explores what parents & caregivers need to know when it comes to enhancing your teens online safety on the platform.

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Ai generated child abuse content

We’ve been talking for a while now about the importance of awareness, education and safeguarding around Ai . The need for this has been reinforced in the past few days by the IWF as they urge the Prime Minister to act on the threat, ‘IWF ‘sounds alarm’ on first confirmed AI-generated images of child sexual abuse’.

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Instagram Threads What Do Parents Need to Know

There’s a new social media app on the block called Instagram Threads, and it’s making some serious waves. In our latest blog we explore what parents & caregivers need to know

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Setting Up Playstation Parental Controls

Setting Up Playstation Parental Controls is an essential step in creating a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for our children and teens.

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Setting up Xbox Parental Controls

Learn how to set up Xbox Parental Controls to manage your child’s gaming experience setting up screen time limits, and privacy settings.

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Chat Lock Lets You Hide & Lock Chats

Chat Lock allows WhatsApp users to lock individual chats, effectively removing them from the inbox and placing them in their own secure folder

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