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Popular App has changed it’s name

Heads up Parents is no longer available to download for iOS & Android users who already have it installed on their devices will see it migrate to a new name and platform.  Our latest Online Safety blog has all the details on what Parents need to know

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How YouTube Safety Settings Work

YouTube is a very popular platform with Children & Young People. But on YouTube there is also a lot of highly inappropriate content. YouTube safety settings are available but many people are not sure how they work. In this eSafety blog post we take a look at YouTube Safety Settings

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Twitch A Parent’s Guide

Twitch is a live video game app and website, primarily used to stream live gaming play. Users watch playbacks of games being played by other people. You can also live-stream your own games. Check out our handy video guide for Parents.

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Apps & Games Roundup for Parents and Carers

Check out our handy Apps & Games Roundup for Parents and Carers as well as helpful suggestions for Parents/Guardians to start those all-important conversations about Online Safety & using Parental Controls

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Why your Teenager and YOU need to enable 2 Step Verification

2 Step Verification helps you become more secure online and adds a second layer of security to your login.

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Sharing Back to School Photos on Social Media

Sharing a back to school photos of your child on Social Media might share more information than you want. Here are some things to think about before sharing.

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