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5 easy ways to improve your cybersecurity

Let’s face it data breaches are becoming a regular thing, in this blog post we share 5 easy ways to improve your CyberSecurity right away

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Netflix Party Safely

Like to watch Netflix? Ever considering taking part in a Netflix Party? Check out some helpful tips on staying safer when taking part in Netflix Parties

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Smart Speaker Privacy

Have you got a Smart Speaker in your Home. 1 in 5 homes in the UK now contains a Smart Speaker. We explore Smart Speaker Privacy & how to check your voice history on Amazon Alexa

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FaceApp is back could it put your privacy at risk

Everyone is loving FaceApp the brilliant new AI App but could FaceApp put your privacy at risk and what about the images you upload how can they be used now and in the future?

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10 Year Photo Challenge… Harmless Fun or Data Collection

Have you taken part in the 10 Year Photo Challenge? Across Social Media platforms users are sharing photos of themselves today and 10 years ago. But how could this data be used in the future and for what purpose? We look at some things to consider

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5 things young people can do to help protect themselves online

With most of us spending even more time each day online – protecting yourself online has become as important as it is offline. Here are 5 things young people can do to protect themselves online

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