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Be Real App What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know

The Be Real App encourages users to post a photo of themselves and their lives without filters or editing every day at a different time.  But what do parents and caregivers need to know?

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Hi Mum and Dad WhatsApp Scam costs parent £3,600

The hi Mum or Dad WhatsApp scam attempts to try to convince the parent that they are their kids in order to get access to personal information or money.

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Snapchat location warning

Did you know strangers can now get directions to your child’s exact location on Snapchat? Want to know how to disable this?

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Metaverse Understanding the Impact in our Children’s Lives.

Following up from our first blog on the Metaverse, this week we’re going a little deeper generally in how the Metaverse is set to impact our children’s lives.
The metaverse is transforming the way children socialise, play, make friends and develop self-identity.

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You can now make your Children’s’ TikTok Account Private.

Family pairing is a great way for parents to set up parental controls on TikTok to manage screen time and privacy settings

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The Metaverse the even wilder west

The Metaverse has been described as ‘The biggest change to the way we live, work and play since the birth of the internet’ or ‘The Internet – but in 3D’ But what exactly is it?

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