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Fling App a new way to message

Fling App

So today I got around to testing out yet another new fandangled App. Sitting well within the Top 20 charts in IOS for free apps I bring you Fling  – Message the World (literally).


Now on first impression the Fling App did not seem to be that much different than the others I’ve recently blogged about.


But the interesting difference with Fling compared to other such messaging apps is that it does not have the ability to add ‘friends’ so you are choosing to literally fling your  message out to the world.


What it does: It flings your text, picture or video messages out to cyberspace to random receivers.  Yes random people (who have downloaded the app) receive the messages you have flung. Up to 50 users, in any part of the world can receive your ‘flings’.  The general location of your far flung messages are plotted on a map you can view.


How it works: Very simple. Users sign up for a quick account and you’re off. Once your account is set up you get your first ‘Fling’ from Amy, who in video format gives you a quick lesson on how to start ‘flinging’ your messages.  Receivers of your ‘flings’ have the facility to reply by double tapping on the message and you can privately message them back by double tapping on their reply.


Now users have the choice of sending a picture, message or video but unlike Snapchat,  ‘flings’ which you receive don’t seem to have a time limit – meaning you are free to revisit these at any time. So sending something which might come back to haunt you at a later date or someone deciding to screen shot what they receive and posting it on Facebook or Twitter for everyone else to see is a possibility.


On the other hand, it’s also worth pointing out that by swiping right on a message you can report any unsavoury content you receive.


Since launching just over a month ago on iOS Fling has had 375,000 downloads, 180,000 active users daily and 150, 000 messages received.


Now this app is in its infancy.  It could be improved by adding subject categories in order to receive flings from like-minded individuals on specific topics of interest to you eg tech, news, arts, fashion trends etc. Otherwise you may lose interest quickly due to the randomness of the replies. I’ve been using the App for just a few hours now and have received some strange flings in the form of text and images. Put it this way, I wont be replying to any of them.


As with other Apps which I’ve blogged about we always have to remember it’s not the technology which causes the problem, but how we use or mis-use it.  This app as with most others needs to be used with caution and ‘flinging’ stuff on impulse would not be recommended.  As always think twice before posting, look after your privacy and don’t give out any personal information as strangers may contact you.



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Posted By Wayne Denner

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