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Have Brands really become Publishers?

This will be a short blog…Yes

Just kidding

On a more serious note, the delivery of content as we previously have known it has changed. The game has changed. The PR & Marketing Communication Powerhouses no longer control delivery of the message or how the message is created – in a nutshell it’s created a lot of the time by the brand. Many brands have been quick to realise by jumping on the content creation train.. It has helped them offer more engaging ways to connect with their customers using a different variety of channels and mediums, all of which have only been made possible by the Internet.

This step or change has become very important and has opened up a whole new level for brands to begin to try to build connections with their audience at a more personal level. This will be the brands chance to re-humanise advertising make it become more social and join up the dots. Now more than ever,Social Media & Digital brands actually have to care what people think, the consumer wherever they are in the world have a voice. The content which they create and publish, is spreadable on a global level. Get it right and just think of the impact it will have on your business.

This shift although it is massive, is great, because brands with products and indeed those with services now have a global focus group as they are all connected. Just think what can be done with this consumer insight if harnessed correctly to create and deliver better products and experiences for customers, which in turn will equal a more profitable business.

Now this all matters why? Because content is spreadable

Many reading this will be able to think of a number of successful brands who have already become publishers and been very successful at content creation. However those brands who have still not even entered the arena will find it hard because what we are increasingly finding is that just as with other areas of Social Media content, their brand has already been created by a new type of publisher, ‘The Customer’. The brands who have got stuck in early are those brands who have been able to build connections with their users, re-connect advertising messages and shape the face of the content which their consumer wants to receive and content which the consumer is able to help spread on behalf of the brand.

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