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Vine. What’s the Big Deal?

The Deal is big. Before you do anything, head on over to the App store and download Vine. You, your business or brand may thank me later.


Now on a serious note, as businesses and marketers seek out new and engaging ways to connect with their audiences, we have seen over the past few months, video starting to take centre stage. (And rightly so).  A whole host of new Video Apps have hit the social media space. These videos can present many new golden opportunities. Exciting platforms such as Vine present new ways to create engaging brand content.


Now for those of you who are wondering what on earth Vine is, or indeed have yet to hear the hype about this effective little video platform, you should have already been curious enough from my opening statement to have it downloaded already. In a nutshell.. it’s Twitter’s New App.  This exciting new App from Twitter will present those who welcome it with open arms a unique opportunity to create content, which can connect with their customers.  Vine allows users to create and most importantly 6-second video clips.  Now I hear you say only 6 seconds?  Yes only 6! Think of it as the Dynamic Little Brother of 140 Character  Twitter if you will.


As we are all now beginning to understand with Twitter those users who can create effective brand messaging in 140 Characters which engage users tend to win big.  With Vine it’s no different, its almost like the animated Giff from the early Internet days has made it’s return.  You create your video in 6 seconds, which will endlessly loop.  Now this is good news because as research has shown on platforms such as Facebook, images and videos from businesses or brands tend to get a lot more traction.  With Vine there is an opportunity for Brands to create niche content which it can roll out to it’s customers.  On the other hand there is also a big opportunity if Vine continues to grow we will start to see the platform being used more for User Generated Content from the costumers end.   It presents those users who embrace it a new way to record and share experiences.


Here are 5 ideas I had on how Businesses can use Vine.  First thing I will say and I stress.. Be Playful.


  1. ShowCase your Business or Products in 6 Seconds
  2. A simple How -To video
  3. Create teasers for upcoming product launches or events
  4. Encourage your Customers to create short Vine Videos on experiences they have had with your Brand or Products (UGC)
  5. Share behind the scenes news and insights  – think of a Chef knocking together a signature dish.


These are of course, only a few ideas  – Vine presents a host of opportunities for businesses to create rich media, which will be far more effective and increase audience engagement.   What is important with the development of Apps such as Vine & Viddy is that increasingly customers are becoming more overwhelmed by the sheer volume of marketing messages around channels such as Facebook & Twitter  – Business & Brands need to find new & more engaging way to reach their customers.  Those Businesses & Brands who embrace  & incorporate video as part of their marketing strategy in 2013 are going to have a better chance of reaching and connecting with their customers.


Major Brands like GAP, America Airlines and Dove are already using Vine within their digital marketing efforts – here are some of there examples..

America Airlines  – Click Here 

GAP –  Click Here 

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