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What does SnapHack Mean for Snapchat


If you are one of many waves of people (8 Million Unique Users as of May 2013, sending 350 million snaps per day) who have already jumped all over Snapchat, well you’re going to want to prick your ears up. If you’ve have been living on some distant planet and have never heard of Snapchat, that great source of all information,  Wikipedia, will explain; ‘It’s an app which enables users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings and send them to a controlled list of recipients’ (Remember People, controlled being the important word here). Users set a time limit for how long the image is available for, and viola, the image is removed from the Snapchat servers. Thank you, good people of Wikipedia, for that overview.


Now enter Snaphack.   I hear you say, ‘What the heck is Snaphack?’ Well for 99p here in the UK, you purchase the app and Snaphack allows you to save all photos and videos sent through Snapchat without informing the person/s who sent them.


Yes Sir. They Won’t Know.


Now here’s the thing.. For it to work and Save, you need to open images or videos via the Snaphack app. If you’ve ever needed a reason not to be sending embarrassing images or stuff you would not want others to see, you should consider how you are using Snapchat, now that Snaphack is kicking about.


Because you just don’t know who is using it.


If you send something which you later regret, once the recipient opens it, via Snaphack, they can view it permanently.


Word is, there is also talk that an updated version of Snaphack has already been submitted to Apple – this version allows Snapchat recipients to forward the saved images to friends!.


You Have Been Warned…


Note to all Snapchatters: Purchased the app this morning for review and since writing this blog tonight it’s gone up to £1.49. Methinks this may be to do with the sheer volume of people downloading it?. Probably.

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