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New popular Likee app is similar to Omegle

Linkee App has over 100 million users worldwide. On first review of the Likee App seems very similar to the talk-to-stranger’s website Omegle .

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A young life lost to the vortex of despair on social media.

Firstly, as parents, our thoughts are with Molly’s family today as Coroner Andrew Walker concluded at her inquest, that Molly ended her life ‘after viewing online content linked to anxiety, depression and self harm’

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BeReal App What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know

The Be Real App encourages users to post a photo of themselves and their lives without filters or editing every day at a different time.  But what do parents and caregivers need to know?

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Hi Mum and Dad WhatsApp Scam costs parent £3,600

The hi Mum or Dad WhatsApp scam attempts to try to convince the parent that they are their kids in order to get access to personal information or money.

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Snapchat Family Centre lets Parents see their teens friends list

New parental controls in Snapchat family centre allow parents to see their teens friends list and who they messaged in the past 7 days.

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Telegram App All Parents need to know

Is the Telegram App Safe for Children. What do Parents & Caregivers need to know about how this app with secret message feature works

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