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Helping you avoid scams this Christmas

Financial fraud is becoming more prevalent so protecting your money whilst shopping particularly in the run up to Christmas is really important. I’ve teamed up with Ulster Bank over the next few weeks to contribute to the ‘TAKE FIVE TO STOP FRAUD’ national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and the UK Government.

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Screen Time Tips for Parents

How can I help my children develop a healthy screen time balance? In this blog, we look at the importance of a healthy screen time balance the home & how Parents can help their Children & themselves develop a healthy screen time balance.

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Strangers ask children to change or remove clothes on live streaming platforms

A recent NSPCC survey found that Children had been asked by Strangers to change or remove clothes on live streaming platforms. Here are some helpful tips for Parents to share with Children & Young People when it comes to live streaming apps and platforms.

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Children ‘targeted’ by WhatsApp scammers with ‘Olivia’ Porn messages

Parents quick heads up WhatsApp Scammers are at it again. Take a few minutes to watch this read this blog on a WhatsApp Scam Hoax targeting Children with Porn Messages. Police in the UK have warned.

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Fortnite Parents Tips for Surviving the Battle over Summer

Are you one of the many parents across the world this summer caught in the Fortnite trenches? Well, you’re not alone. With over 125 million people playing the game worldwide Fortnite fever has taken hold in homes across the globe. Here are 5 handy Fortnite Parents Tips 

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Popular App has changed it’s name

Heads up Parents is no longer available to download for iOS & Android users who already have it installed on their devices will see it migrate to a new name and platform.  Our latest Online Safety blog has all the details on what Parents need to know

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